Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I buy from

We bring you the absolute best prices on the largest selection of leading Duty Free items you will find anywhere on the web, or retail. When you buy through us, you get the best luxury products, backed by attentive customer service, on call whenever you need them. Our #1 goal is to make our customers happy!

Why choose duty free?

Duty free buying gives you the best deals going! More affordable than retail, with all the best retail products, you can choose from all your favorite brands at a fraction of the retail cost.

Are these products the real thing?

Yes. Every item we sell is 100% genuine original, from the manufacturer.

How is it possible that offer tobacco and other lifestyle items at such great prices?

Tax free sales mean that you do not pay state, federal or excise tax. This translates into affordable brand name items at a fraction of the price you would pay retail! Additionally, all our products are purchased in bulk, making it possible for us to offer you truly amazing prices you will not find elsewhere!

What do you charge for tobacco shipments?

We ship all tobacco, cigarette and cigar items for FREE!

What is the benefit to buying via your website instead of at local convenience store or tobacco shops?

Why drag yourself to the store when you can order all your favorite brand names right from the convenience of your own home? Winston, Newport, Pall Mall and others are some of the popular cigarette lines we carry. All cigarette, cigar and tobacco items are delivered for FREE.

Is it legal to sell tobacco products online?

Yes, it is. Additionally, all the items we sell are genuine, trademarked, and straight from the manufacturer. We follow all international postal regulations and standards, and only sell tobacco to buyers over the legal age (varies among countries).

What are the minimum or maximum limits on cigarette, cigar or tobacco purchases?

There are no minimum or maximum purchase amounts. It is important to know the customs regulations in your country, as there may be additional customs taxes.

Is it legal to send perfumes by international post?

Yes, though one must keep in mind that when shipping fragrances and cosmetics by post, international standards of size and weight must be followed.

What are the payment options available?

You can pay using all major credit cards, E-Check and bank wire transfers.

What is the policy regarding charge backs?

We do not accept charge backs. Should there be a problem, we will send a refund or reship the order. A customer who threatens to charge back will be banned from making future purchases on the site. We will also provide their credit card information to processing agencies.

Is it possible to follow my order status?

Yes, of course. Once your order is completed, we send a confirmation e-mail which provides you with a tracking number.

How do I know what the shipment and delivery costs are?

We figure the shipping and delivery into your total charges. Our duty free products are shipped FREE of charge.

What method of shipment is used?

All items are shipped via registered mail, and you must sign upon delivery.

How long does it take to receive an order?

Order delivery time is unique for each order as it depends on several factors including customer's shipping address, location of the shipping center from which your items are dispatched and holidays.

Orders containing multiple items will be shipped in separate parcels which will arrive at different times. This is done to avoid duty taxes and to ensure delivery.

I received only one shipment and it does not contain all the items I ordered.  Where are the rest?

When you order more than one item, we send orders in multiple packages. This is done in order not to incur duty taxes which are charged on shipments that exceed international parameters. The time it takes to receive all the items of your order may vary based on your shipping address, the items you ordered and the location of the shipping center dispatching your parcels.

I e-mailed you but I received no reply. Why?

Our customers are very important to us, and we reply to every message we receive. If after you complete the Contact Us form, you do not receive an email in reply, check that your ISP or e-mail client are not blocking the emails that we send you.

What are the chances that I'll be asked to pay duty tax in order to pick up my order?

Such an event is highly unlikely. In few rare cases, depending on your home country, its respective customs regulations and the items you ordered, you may be asked to pay duty tax to release your parcel.
But even if this happens, you needn't worry; you may choose one of these options to proceed:

What to buy in Duty-Free

Products displayed in shops Duty free, can be divided into two groups. The first is the traditional set of products for this type of trade, and the second - anything you want , depending on the specifics of the country where there is a store , access, and uniqueness of a product or the competitive environment.

To the traditional group Duty free goods include alcohol;

Tobacco and tobacco products;

Perfumes and cosmetics;


Thus on alcohol and cigarettes account for about 70 % of all duty-free sales in the world. This is not surprising. After all, it is these groups of products at regular retail trade subject to a maximum size of duties , excise duties and other taxes that may inflate their prices by 2 times. Thus, alcoholic drinks acquiring network Duty free, can save a minimum of 25% to 50%. Another thing to consider is the amount of bottles, which sold alcohol. People prefer to take small (up to 0.5 liters) packaging to give to someone or to try many different drinks. While the volume of 1 liter or more are sold with additional discounts, as not very popular. Choosing one or another drink, is to look at the place where it was produced.

As for cigarettes, then there appear less favorable size savings, and sometimes even the price is commensurate with the price in the supermarket is 100 meters from the house. Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco profitable to buy for two other reasons. First, Duty free you can find such varieties and brands, which in principle is not imported into our country. Secondly, the authenticity of tobacco and tobacco products. Buy Duty free, you can be sure that this is a real tobacco, the real Cuba, this Camel.

According perfumes special situations. Of course, part of the perfume, toilet water and other assortment includes alcohol and alcohol-containing components. Because of this, the savings from cancellation fees will be approximately 10-15 %. However, the allure of cosmetics and perfumes sold in Duty free, in the other. Specialists in duty-free shopping is well known such a thing as «travel set». Trevelsetami called sets, consisting of sets of perfumes and cosmetic tools in small -fill.

Manufacturers produce these kits exclusively for sale through the Duty free. Buying travelled; a person gets a great opportunity to get a wide range of luxury cosmetics for a very reasonable price. A number of manufacturers (and not only cosmetics , but also accessories, clothing, jeweler ) , creating one or another new collection or model , are beginning to sell them only through the Duty free, and only reached a certain level of sales or waiting for a while, produced in regular retail.

As in the case of tobacco and alcohol, Duty free guarantee originality perfumes.
Jewelry is usually subject to the specifics of the country where they are sold. On average, savings can amount to 15%. The greatest importance is the author's design and style, which made decorations .Duty free shopping for jewelry stores are the Middle East, especially Dubai in the UAE.

The category «Jewelry" statistically classified and elite jewelry, and even a clock. Nevertheless, getting these products to a group of traditional goods Duty free has less to do with their price, but with consumer appeal. People prefer to buy all of the above groups of goods as a gift, and where it is not at the airport, buy a gift for your friends or loved ones.

As for other types of goods, the modern Duty free shops can be found in almost everything. This can be : clothing, a variety of electronic gadgets (phones , iPods, readers ) , print publications , snacks , souvenirs , etc., etc. , etc. . This list can be endless.

The largest Duty free center in the world is the shopping mall in Dubai airport. Its annual turnover has long exceeded 1 billion dollars and the product group in the hundreds of thousands of positions. In Europe, the largest Duty free is at London Heathrow Airport. The cheapest among avid buyers recognize the shops in South- East Asia, and particularly Vietnam, in which more than 70% of the range is not more than a couple of dollars. Duty free, in Egypt and the CIS countries is not very rich choice and prices in duty-free stores in the U.S. is lower than in the Old World.

  • You can either consent to pay the tax and release your package.
  • You have the right to refuse to accept the delivery of your package and ask that it is  returned to sender. After you do so you may request a full refund which we'll be happy to issue you.