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  • 01 Superkings Blue 100's
    Superkings Blue 100's

    Superking Blue 100s are a delightful offering from the popular Superking brand. Best known for their length, each 100mm stick is far longer than the average king sized cigarette. Made with the same...

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  • 02 Superkings

    If you are looking for a long lasting cigarette with a great nicotine buzz, you needn't search any further than Superkings. As the name suggests, these cigarettes are the kings of extra-long...

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  • 03 Superkings Blue
    Superkings Blue

    Superkings Blue cigarettes are the extra-long, full flavored cigarettes that you've been searching for. Made with quality tobacco, these meticulously designed cigarettes ensure a pleasant smoking...

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  • 04 Superkings Menthol
    Superkings Menthol

    Superking Menthol cigarettes are the extra-long smokes that are bursting with flavor every step of the way. Their longer than average size makes sure that every moment of your smoke break counts....

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