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Blue Slims cigarettes are made for those with more sophisticated standards. Our international duty free shop will deliver the Karelia Blue Slims (EU-made) worldwide. An elegant slim sized cigarette, each stylish stick fits delicately within your fingers as you take your time inhaling each delicious. Karelia Blue Slims are a mild cigarette that's made of premium tobacco and contains only 3mg of tar and 0.3mg of nicotine for a light and pleasant taste.

Packaged in a white box with the blue Karelia logo, the taste of these cigarettes reflects the calming ocean colors on the label. Light, refreshing and full of flavor, Karelia Blue Slims is a natural choice for those looking for a pleasurable escape within a wonderfully tasting cigarette. Let your worries melt away as you drift off and enjoy these indulgent cigarettes. Light, slim and always great tasting, Karelia Blue Slims are a delicate tasting cigarette that you're sure to enjoy.

Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes

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Blue Slims (EU-made)
    Quantity Our Price Per carton
  20 Karelia Blue Slims (EU-made) US$ 760.00 US$ 38.00 You save US$ 40.00
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6 Karelia Blue Slims (EU-made) US$ 234.00 US$ 39.00 You save US$ 6.00
  4 Karelia Blue Slims (EU-made) US$ 157.00 US$ 39.25 You save US$ 3.00
  2 Karelia Blue Slims (EU-made) US$ 79.00 US$ 39.50 You save US$ 1.00
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