Duty-free shops (Duty free Online) - shop, located in particular places of crossing the border (including ports, airports, and railway stations). Sold in stores such goods are not subject to excise duties and / or duty, VAT, which leads to a significant reduction in retail prices. The typical range of products - alcohol, tobacco, perfumes. Duty Free (duty free) - a system of duty-free shops in airports, on planes. ┬źDuty Free┬╗- meaning without any taxes (excise), which increase the cost of any product. In other words, the products are much cheaper than the same products in retail stores.

As a rule, the goods duty free - its tobacco, a variety of alcoholic beverages, perfumes, cosmetics, gifts, toys, clothes sometimes-prestigious manufacturers. Of course, the range of DutyFree shops depends on the country in which they are located. For example duty-free Singapore, Dubai , Barcelona , where you can buy exclusive items most famous brands that are not comparable to the range and quality of goods duty-free Egypt, Croatia, where you will find several small shops with cosmetics , liquor and tobacco . What to say about the duty-free on board an aircraft...

Of course, the range of products is proposed to extremely limited. However, what service, imagine the plane gains altitude, long way to go. Why not spend your free time walking around the store heaven. Flight attendants will demonstrate products on a mobile table showcase and talk about them. In addition, the best part is that you can shop without getting up from the chair.

To ensure that your purchases are successful, first check with your travel company manager: where better to spend the money in the domestic airport, on a plane or in a DutyFree abroad.

What about the language barrier? Yes, way ... Everything is provided. Make the right choice and buy the goods you like , will help consultants who speak different languages. In the duty-free whiskey to buy now at a price of 1.5-two times cheaper than the market or the real perfume, for example, Christian Dior? So do not rush to spend all their cash during the holidays. Do yourself a gift for last.

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